Dance of Life.


Grey skies hang lifeless

like static paint on tired canvas.

Distant beech glow golden

yet nearer, Mirabelle waft around

in fresh winds of early November…

…. and what of me?

I sit in bed fooling myself about resting

when in fact, I need wind’s arms to

take and spin me on and forward

in this curious Dance of Life ….

Time to move with nature and breathe.

The Midnight train

The Midnight Train

The wind swings around the corner at me,
taking my shallow breath away.
The ice on my car,
the fog down the Snailwell road,
the headlights so bright
headed straight at me…..
I could be on a mysterious mission
in the deepest of January’s nights……..
yet I have a fever magnifiying the
magnificently, magical, midnight.
Winds, bring me smoothest passage
down these country lanes.
Waning moon dives
in and out the foggy air,
plumped and icy she slides silently
through the secretive skies.
The midnight train comes swiftly now
and with it, the Lover with his curious smile
shuffling along, contentedly,
on the frosted winter platform.

Look Up


Look Up

Look Up

Sometimes it’s like being alone,
feeling the mixed nature of that blessing.
Your attention is in staying balanced enough
to make it through and then,
the calm of nature becomes stirred up and fired
by elemental forces….
Do you not know that when you look to the pitted ground
to preserve your footing, you may not see
through the blow of your wild and windswept hair,
others, coming towards you on the same path?
To look into each other’s soul-filled eyes,
we must first look up and breathe
…… in order to see.