I Believe

I Believe……

Life is a veritable smorgasbord of ‘WoW’s and ‘Ergh’s…..a feast of the good the bad and the downright ugly shmuggle. I Believe the ugly stuff is not ALL of our own making and …………..even if were, are we not >ALL< Human? We have been led to believe, things are as they they appear to be (I’m speaking of learned behaviours here )….. I Believe that many times they are absolutely NOT the way they appear!

I Believe much of what we are fed by politicians, society, family are illusions……. illusions which are making us ill, causing us to take our own lives, to kill or hurt other others with words and or actions……..
and I believe there are many wonderful things on the board too which help us avoid or heal from the damage of the bad…..

I Believe that sometimes we need a torch, tools and even a guide to help us avoid or get rid of the bad unhealthy stuff….. and then you see, we can enjoy the magnificence that was covered by those nasty things I shall label
‘The Illusions’….

I Believe, I/We/You can allow solace in our lives from knowing and not forgetting these things.


Sorting It Ourselves


Sorting It Ourselves

Sorting It Ourselves

I see governments failing,
fiscal plans falling and crashing
and we, the little people, become strong.
I see we are diving in and pulling together.
As one, in our groups in this aching world,
we begin to shine and give with open hearts.
Where one can’t, another can.
Where one attacks, another heals.
Where one hates, another loves…..

Twist your fingers through the ribbons
when they are thrown.
As you go under, another will go over
the weaving of the human safety net
is in our own hands….
The “four hand carry” the “cat’s cradle”
we know how to hold another….
and now, the mighty challenge calls out –
do you/I/we, know how to be held?

Photo: Wikipedia: four-hand-lift