Dozing is a dangerous game

Sitting in front of open fire,
hand supporting MacBook Pro
balancing on arm of chair….
From a crashing, like breaking glass
I wake from my cosy oblivion…..
Only a dozey voice in my head screams;
laptop splayed out on the carpetless floor
is undamaged, yet sits like a
stunned baby, unsure where he is.
Miracles every moment,
all around us……
Water into wine?
Flying laptops unharmed?
They certainly do.

Sleeping with Mr Tumnus


Sleeping with Mr Tumnus

Sleeping with Mr Tumnus

Sharing my expansive, white linened bed
with the colour and silence of the healing night,
all felt calm inside my head and heart.
It was a deep hour when the sun still hid
yet the pure voiced call of the moon
flowed in through the slats of my golden blind.
I noticed furry Mr Tumnus confidently curled
around my own warm paw, beside me.
So sweet the restoring night
when healing comes as a gift
from the purring, snoring, gentle
presence of a loving, cuddlesome creature.