I hardly had any desire for Christmas food or any food much over the holidays…. this photo is my story – for that reason I am not going on a weightloss diet ….. I am going on
“MY HEART’S DESIRE DIET” …. when I engage with the things I love to do or the people who inspire me and I love to be with, my body flows better and metabolises far more efficiently.

The diet industry is big business….. I have been in and out of it since I was 9 years old… suffered dreadfully as a child, adolescant and adult due to the stigma of being “over” weight. My health has suffered as a result….. NO – not as a result of carrying too much weight but as a result of repeatedly being shocked and traumatised at the lack of acceptance of me and who I am and what I carry. How do I know this? medical tests reveal normal blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, breathing etc BUT a life in psychotherapy dealing with psychological trauma.

There is so much I could say, so much I want to say and so much that needs to be said….. perhaps here.