Love ~ Whole ~ Heartedly

We see through mists
to where we think Love bides.
Never pausing,
or sometimes even breathing.
The fear this red and luscious longing
will go out there on the wing
and not be one with us,
or attempt the Soul to Soul
deep contact thing…

Nothing comes from forcing
as forcing creates fixing
and from fixing,
not one tear can flow,
not one heart is healed,
not a single life is saved…..
and no one,
not one person
receives our abundant beautiful Heart.

Love ~ Whole ~ Heartedly

Bare Bones

Bare Bones


Uncluttered and free

baggage of lost years

dissolve back to our Mother Earth.

Songs of intricate stories

held in bones where the Ancestors dwell

are aching bones,

petrifying bones,

shattered bones,

bones of courage where the weave of stories untold

gather back the fragments of our cracked open lives.



Image: Bare Bones ~ Flick Cook

17th May 2016 ~ Snailwell







Portal to Sleep

Go quietly……
with the rhythms of time
into the mystical space
between wakefulness and sleep.
There, in another world,
suspended in the mist,
I am weightless,
a pleasing, matter-free being.
Communion with timeless space
floats the portal ever closer ….
the doorway into dreamy sleep…….
Come meet me there
for we have dancing to sing
and stories to create……
till we
again segue                                                                                                                               into another earth day.


Full Circle?

cropped-dscn1473.jpgFull Circle?

She said she would never fall in love again.
Her first falling was when she was six…..
her cousin was oh, so handsome.
The last time she fell in love
was when she was sixty……
and she realised,
love had changed.
At sixty-two,
she thought love to be a winged jester,
a poser, a tiresome, cavernous voice
on her aching shoulder……
Now at sixty-three,
she notices the glimmer in her eyes,
as if a lover may appear at any moment.
She wonders if by 66 Love may have come full circle…..
“One never knows”, she whispers to the cat,
“One just never knows anything for sure,
not even about Love’s Messenger.” 


Seize the day as night comes slowly
to gather and hide the Light.
Be present in your breath for
therein lies the wisdom of your Life.
Crack wide the rigid bones of your ribs
for there, nestled within that cage,
lies the cavern of your wild and glorious Love.

Growing Up


Growing Up

Deep aching void
stands like a cave
in her warm, round chest.
Dripping of sorrow,
drop by drop
forming a lake of tears
enough to deeply drown
a vulnerable kitten.
She thought she
had found her Love
though, over time
she grew to find herself….
hidden by all the men
she’d ever known,
beginning with her father…….
Where she needed to go
was not where she had been.
Individuating is painful.
It is a rebirth;
a birthing of our true selves.
She knew this.

Retreat day 3: The Sacred Geometry of Karma


Early morning email to two dear friends:

I have come to my ‘writing desk’ here behind Beeston Bump in Norfolk, as the sun rises above it and the walkers begin another day of their climb to the top….. it’s not vast, if you’re a walker but for me to even start it is too much and so, due to the emotional surge behind the longing to do it myself, knowing the sea is on the other side, I have set myself a challenge….. 2-3 years to be fit enough to do it.

Suddenly, when texting you this morning I had something fall into place for me. I am sure greater, more intellectually astute people have known this for a long time but for me, it was a revelation. I have always been fascinated by Sacred Geometry and sound – Cymatics. Dr Emoto’s work on sound and water, for example.

So what I am thinking about this morning is this question we are so frequently faced with: “Why do we have so many things going wrong so rapidly one after another and another and then, another?” Our lives are blighted by them. This started happening for me in 1995 virtually right after mum died. It was relentless and if I’m honest, it still is. Though now, I have learned through psychotherapy to roll with the punches, as there is nowhere to hide.

Shit happens? Well, I’m not so sure and never have been, that this is the case. Neither is it – “God’s fault” …… I was heavily into Christianity a long time ago and this verse always sticks in my mind: Numbers 14:18 ‘The Lord is slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love, forgiving iniquity and transgression, but he will by no means clear the guilty, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, to the third and the fourth generation.’
As much of the bible, I believe this is a metaphor. No science to back things up or even explain the balance of life and how it came about….. it is still all true but it’s the language which made it possible to comprehend.

I believe Sacred Geometry explains at least an aspect of it….. Perhaps, trying to puzzle the meaning of life and all things human is a nonsensical pursuit but for me, there IS out there somewhere a structured yet fluid answer to the whole! I pursue it with pleasure….. 🙂

So – to the crux of what I want to offer as cud to chew on….. Sacred geometry being a template for life, surely, if we consider for a while that the balance of things is disturbed by the choices we make, then a father disowning a daughter for being ‘with child’ 300 years ago, the geometric shape of the template is disturbed, twisted, broken. If this is the case then events in my maternal ancestry had become so disturbed, that it has achieved a domino effect in the lives of her children, grandchildren and now great grandchildren also. Using my mother’s death as an example of the flood gates of chaos and destruction in the family being opened when she passed, then something quite dark is likely to have occurred either in her life ( I believe it did) or in the generation before. Interestingly, the rest of her siblings don’t appear to have been affected which in my mind confirms what I believe to have happened to my mother. The template for her life was shattered and the knock on effect is being experienced today in my family and in my sister’s also. :

“The study of sacred geometry has its roots in the study of nature, and the mathematical principles at work expressing in form the unfolding of life from seed to flower to fruit to seed infinitely manifesting a recurring structure and order. On every scale, every natural pattern of growth or movement conforms inevitably to one or more geometric shapes that contain the blueprint of Creation and the genesis of all form. In sacred geometry, symbolic and sacred meanings are ascribed to certain geometric shapes and in certain geometric proportions, created by man such as in architecture, and viewing the human body as compiled into the Vitruvian Man drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci.”

So, this is my morning musings and as a result, a brief outline as to why ‘shit happens’……. how we rebuild the sacred template, I have yet to discover, although I suspect the likes of you and I are doing the work through our dedication to healing ourselves through Psychotherapy and by other means.

Much love as ever my darling(s) xxxx

Fliss xxx

Horse Chestnuts


Horse Chestnuts

These orbs ~
such radiant pleasure
to softening eyes.
Cracking open,
their prickliest
skins -revealing
juicy fulsomeness;
hearts filled with
browned Autumn’s
chocolatey glaze.
And you my love ~
where were you?
Where w e r e you
when these trees
began to die?
You were in my arms
as our tears fell,
just like falling leaves.