Ethereal Paramour

Ethereal Paramour



I searched in the undergrowth of
dark, mysterious woods to find you…..
I called you by name – ‘David’.
You were the ethereal being who
championed my cause and
showed me the way to freedom’s path….
I heard your voice in the wind at night
like a whistling of trees when the skies
are fit to burst over a high summer night.
The moon dripped wax upon the clouds
creating wispy spectres in the trees.
Shapesifting in the changing light,
the owls took forms of Puck & Oberon
whispering within the racket of the vibrant forest floor….
I longed for you David, my paramour in the unseen world….
I searched for you and the wheels still turn…
I know you are there….. I hear your voice….
Lover of the Forest Wild.


Look at you up there…..
What a Knight in Shining Armour are you?!
Every time you show your face
in a clear, clean, starfilled sky like this,
you sweep me up into your beams
and carry me off to fantasies wild.
You, are my Paramour,
though not a whisper of this shall
pass my kiss drenched lips………….