your voice is calling…..

You came tumbling out of the sky,

a star shard, alight with sound.

You came ringing through clouds

spinning like tumbleweed

on to warm earth, sweating soil.

A mind of  vastness  like the universe,

catacombs of wonder

waiting to open to the world.

Shake up your soul,

sound out your longing

on the breeze ….

your voice is calling to be heard..







Night in full flight
sits upon my chest, 
pinning me down 
forcing me to make sense of it
and use it wisely.
But I rise up like a cackling spectre
and ride this ‘night’ on its satin back,
peering through the windows 
of a turbulent world
and spreading a morning mist 
as the light of day hums it’s way in.
I shall have little sleep this night
for I follow the Pipistrelle and Serotine
way up in the sky allowing myself
the ecstatic joy of dancing with the Lights 
of the firmament and the winds of the earth.
We are all things of the mysterious and the mundane
and yet we cannot grasp the magnitude of 
of the brilliance of all things….
for we keep ourselves asleep 
when in fact,
it is time for us to fly.