Ethereal Paramour

Ethereal Paramour



I searched in the undergrowth of
dark, mysterious woods to find you…..
I called you by name – ‘David’.
You were the ethereal being who
championed my cause and
showed me the way to freedom’s path….
I heard your voice in the wind at night
like a whistling of trees when the skies
are fit to burst over a high summer night.
The moon dripped wax upon the clouds
creating wispy spectres in the trees.
Shapesifting in the changing light,
the owls took forms of Puck & Oberon
whispering within the racket of the vibrant forest floor….
I longed for you David, my paramour in the unseen world….
I searched for you and the wheels still turn…
I know you are there….. I hear your voice….
Lover of the Forest Wild.


Look at you up there…..
What a Knight in Shining Armour are you?!
Every time you show your face
in a clear, clean, starfilled sky like this,
you sweep me up into your beams
and carry me off to fantasies wild.
You, are my Paramour,
though not a whisper of this shall
pass my kiss drenched lips………….


The Midnight train

The Midnight Train

The wind swings around the corner at me,
taking my shallow breath away.
The ice on my car,
the fog down the Snailwell road,
the headlights so bright
headed straight at me…..
I could be on a mysterious mission
in the deepest of January’s nights……..
yet I have a fever magnifiying the
magnificently, magical, midnight.
Winds, bring me smoothest passage
down these country lanes.
Waning moon dives
in and out the foggy air,
plumped and icy she slides silently
through the secretive skies.
The midnight train comes swiftly now
and with it, the Lover with his curious smile
shuffling along, contentedly,
on the frosted winter platform.

The Haven

The Haven

I said to him last night,
“take my car to work….come back in the morning and rest with me?”.
He looked at me…..
“OK” he said, with a seduction at the corners of his wide, wet mouth …..
There he was in the cold morning rain, at my door at 9am.
We climbed into bed – into clean sheets….
for 10am and radio 4…… The Archers Omnibus….
I fell asleep in his arms, missing most of life in Ambridge…..
yet this little haven of snuggledom
had me purring deliciously with delightfully safe sleep.
Outside this nest, Autumn winds
bumbled against the old, rough wooden door
and rains of dark lit skies
defiantly washed the small paned windows,
as it struggled to come in.
“No chance!” I mumbled…. “n o  c h a n c e.”