Growing Up


Growing Up

Deep aching void
stands like a cave
in her warm, round chest.
Dripping of sorrow,
drop by drop
forming a lake of tears
enough to deeply drown
a vulnerable kitten.
She thought she
had found her Love
though, over time
she grew to find herself….
hidden by all the men
she’d ever known,
beginning with her father…….
Where she needed to go
was not where she had been.
Individuating is painful.
It is a rebirth;
a birthing of our true selves.
She knew this.

View From My Chair


The View From My Chair

I sit curled in my chair away from the window
and the eyes which come and go.
I feel safe here.
It’s meant to be, a place of one’s own you know.
there are those of us who are too ready
take the swipes and the smiles
as if they were of equal benefit,
to both one’s health and the world.
Oh the ill gotten gains of being a pleaser.
Now I please my joy filled self.
I no longer creek over
to the heavy knock upon the door.
I stay hiding in my chair,
Cardi wrapped tight around me
my self pleasing ‘naughtiness’!