Love ~ Whole ~ Heartedly

We see through mists
to where we think Love bides.
Never pausing,
or sometimes even breathing.
The fear this red and luscious longing
will go out there on the wing
and not be one with us,
or attempt the Soul to Soul
deep contact thing…

Nothing comes from forcing
as forcing creates fixing
and from fixing,
not one tear can flow,
not one heart is healed,
not a single life is saved…..
and no one,
not one person
receives our abundant beautiful Heart.

Love ~ Whole ~ Heartedly

I See the Moon, the Moon Sees Me

I See the Moon, the Moon Sees Me.

High winds tore down trees,
whacked the streetlamp to the ground
like a giant with a sythe in his fists.
The bare view gave more light
like a gap had opened into the universe.
So tonight this moon is full
and sees me looking at her
while she looks at me.
It’s because the gales blew away
the walls round my hermit’s heart that
I see you up there moon…
I see you well tonight.

I Ask My Heart

I ask my heart –
“what do you feel?”

My heart replies –
“I feel great sadness
that I asked to be 
taken seriously so often
yet you were always too busy
in your head – 
What do YOU feel?”

I then say to my heart –
“I don’t know how to feel 
as I have spent so much of my life
not listening to you when you tried
so very hard to teach me.” 

“It’s never too late” says my heart
“but listen now, I beg you –
for I weep on your behalf,
whether you feel it or not.” 

“I know.” says I, “I know.”

Sun Setting on the Edge of Time


Sun Setting on the Edge of Time

Sun Setting on the Edge of Time

I sit listening to Bach,
using my watercolour crayons
to create New Year cards.
In the corner of my eye
I see the light changing
to meet the night;
the last night of the year.
In my quiet and gentle space
I begin to let go of the
encumberances of my life
and recognise again and yet again,
where my heart dwells.
My heart lives by the
lakes and pools of life,
in the steeples where bells do chime,
beneath trees where the primrose blooms
and in the pit of my belly
where the stories of my life are told.
So, as the sun sets on the edge of time
this night,
I come forward
and jump into the next year,
fully connected to my heart and longing……..

Crystal Night

Crystal night- blue sky tonight.                                                                                              Winds quite still –                                                                                                                           rain long ceased                                                                                                                             as moon                                                                                                                                   two thirds full,                                                                                                                        waxes over Hall Farm.                                                                                                                 High in the sky she smiles,                                                                                                      teasing me homeward                                                                                                                          in my old, green motor.                                                                                                                  She seems to drive herself                                                                                                                    this car of mine,                                                                                                                        under such cool and                                                                                                              luminous incandescence.

This night is for lovers                                                                                                              of the deepest passions.                                                                                                       Come moon –                                                                                                                             peel back our fears –                                                                                                                          the stars are your friends,                                                                                                                the sky is full                                                                                                                                    of your wizardry.                                                                                                                            We dance to your tunes,                                                                                                           Hearts naked.