Like a River

I thought it was the sea
I heard last night.
Silver blue sounds streaming
in my head, around and beyond
all edges of my little chunk of sanity.
I looked inside this cracked mind
to see word paintings,
voices with no form,
mannequins who claim
to feel, but drip WD40
from their clunking jaws…….
You see, it is quite simple really.
These are the illusions,
the actors who tell us we are
useless, selfish scavengers
in the fight ….. waiting to
takes us for their feast…..
If I had known this from the start,
I would have flowed like a river
swiftly carrying all darkling greys
away from this young one’s heart.
Like a river, nothing would stop me
from sculpting the tide, sloshing over
rocks and stones, creating my Life…..
Yet, here am I, now,
Like a River.