Tears come –
a leak in my
soft, weary eyes
paints the mural
of my life.
Salty stains fall
silently on my
worn out canvas.
Often we push
ourselves beyond
our Soul’s desire
and the body
screams for us to stop.
But I wonder what it takes
to ‘do’ nothing when the
world demands we ‘do’
it all………….

FC 18/9/2015white-poppy-close-up1-212x300


Curled in chair

sleepy with coldness.

Radio Four echoing in my mist filled, dreamy mind ……

Kitchen aching to be cleaned.

Bed ….the actress, subversive, lolling Siren

of the gentle room above my head….

lures me to climb back under her crisp white covers and be lost…..

Oh sleep, only you have that potion

which drags me into the expanded void!

Two Worlds

Written in support of all who live with Fibromyalgia. 4.5% of the UK population has Fibro, which translates to between 1.2 and 2.7 million people in the UK alone.

Two Worlds

Sometimes I write as my eyes close with exhaustion….
on the edge of two worlds, I am.
Frequently I’m dragged by an army
of elves who tug at my brain.
As if pulling all the plugs,
draining blood from my head into the ether,
I am swallowed up, as if liquid.
No focus or thinking,
only sliding into le petite eclipse of reality.
Am I deluded,
trying to stay awake when in fact,
I should have been sleeping
in a hermit’s hollow, warm and silent……?
How good it would be
to leap up out of my fibromyalgic fog
and seize the deliciousness of the daytime dream………