The Big Dying


Very cold morning
my body ‘Goose bumps’ and shivers…..
car white with sleek patterened frost.
Fields a grey-green glimmering, shimmering light….
Skies shining – airy crispness singing…..
Golden beech leaves hanging on
like jewels dangling in the wintery light.
I layer up, pull on my boots
as I listen to a Reith lecture on
the ‘great unfixables’ –
ageing and death.
Perhaps we look too hard to
avoid ‘the big dying’
for Nature’s wisdom knows
regeneration comes.
There is no end but only
the cycles of the Natural world…..
So, I see Spring when I look into
this icy day and say:
“YES…. This is how it is for me…..”


Birthing and Dying


Birthing and Dying

My eyes are full.
Full with weight
of small stones I carry.
Stones about us all,
about life,
about the cries and moans
of labour through, into the next life…..
As the sperm fertilizes the egg,
so the child comes into the world
planting its seed…..
We grow towards being born
through our Human footprints,
those oh so heavy footprints,
towards our dying….
So soon we do move, stones and all,
into the ‘next life’.
Birthing and Dying –
on and on with our many stones.