when you think it can’t get worse, it does. 
You stop and look around
and see your life is a broken 
pile of bones around 
your cracked, tired feet 
and you cry. 

Then one day 
you realise all your little hopes 
and fragile dreams are but mosaics made from broken 
egg shells and you marvel 
at this creative 
order out of chaos.

But it still doesn’t give your health back into your own hands
or stop the pressures arising 
out of not earning the chinking coins which run through your fingers like salt……
Nor does it stop your 
child and grandchildren from complete collapse in the face of destitution and destruction. 
No. No it doesn’t…. 
And it is not ok, not anymore. 
The shell shock is too great
and the eggs have run out .

Nothing Ever Stays The Same


Nothing Ever Stays The Same

Whatever situation you find yourself in when you awaken today, always take a step back and know that things change constantly. The difficulties we have right in this moment WILL be different 12 hours from now, 12 days, 12 months, 12 years….. breathe….. it’s all ok in the grand scheme of things. The Snowdrop always finds its way through snow. Big Love  ❤♥••.♫♪♫•*•♫♪♫ ¸¸.•* `°•.¸☆

“Middle Way”


Sometimes it’s so difficult to find the words for that eternal, bottomless pit of soul screaming that wants to spew out of my weeping mouth and
throw itself against the wall in utter frustration….surely this is the hell we have been led to believe is without ourselves? The little bit of hell I create for myself, I create for you too as you do for me….

Just as joy and laughter are contagious, so are anger, frustration and despair; the Oneness of all things and so it is. Agression, violence, love in abundance, laughter and loving are all parts of the whole and when the balance of these is disturbed then we find discord within the home.

Voices need to blend and balance each other. When one part rises and sings others are stiller, holding the space for the leading sounds….. Cacophony brings suffering…… I see it; I know it.