Coming in & going out.

Coming in
we gasp our first.
Going out
we release our last
and in between,
we live our lives
round, robust
Impassioned –
and there,
guided by a
single, inner light,
we do our soulful,
sweetest best.

In respect of Jo Cox,
Labour MP shot and killed
In her constituency Wednesday 16th June 2016

~ The Voice ~
Alan Rickman 1946 – 2016

I feel as if I only had you
for a brief moment,
and now,

Somewhere out in
vast mystical wasteland,
there is vibration new ~
a chocolate velvet
clustered sound ~

floating ~
suspended ~
light ~

you belong to many
yet to no one at all…..
nothing could be
more right…..
Enjoy the Mystery.


TGIF….. yes, thank God it’s Friday!
Here I go again pushing the days away,
casting them off, leaving them behind.
One day, all that we have ever had will
become but dust, dissolving into the
ethereal mists of powerfilled time.
What will I, this little me, have left behind
at the portal of a new world, the start of a
different day? Let it be enough to have dropped
every single bag I have hauled around in my arms…..
just let it be… let me do it now… a decluttered Life.

Spring the Sweetest Spring

Spring the Sweetest Spring

When I drive home
my heart smiles….
My sweet neighbour Penny
planted Daffodils in grass, so tired from
Summer’s heated rays, just outside my door,
in Autumn’s cooing days.
Now their radiant energy fields,
reflect the face of a yellow sun
every day, for just a little while.
Spring the sweetest Spring is unravelling
her splendiferous songs and scents,
as Nature awakens in its own ressurection.
What a marvellous way to show
how all of life, after declining and ‘dying’,
comes again in this cycle of Life Force….
to Live & Love again….
Yes, I smile softly, for we never really die, at all.