I Believe……

I Believe…….

I am a big ‘Little Me’.
I inhabit a large body,
a body of size, a body housing
a big Spirit and a minimal mind.
In my head I am a dancer, a diver,
an elegant, tall, thin Sally……
and then I giggle a smidging
at the very ‘notioned’ thought……
I laugh at myself as I pirouette
around and about, in and out
of all parts of me……………
Yet then I see this ageing self
in the glass upon the wall ….
a self where the years have
garnerd lines, rolls, width and curves
and I wonder:
“do I truly believe this is really me?
Who is ‘Me’? Where does the ‘I’
in me reside?” and inwardly I
toss my aching shoulders skyward!
All I know is this: my belief doesn’t
KNOW what I know about me……
skinny, vulnerable ‘Little Me’.

Seeing The Unseen

Seeing the Unseen

Light illumines 
particles of dust 
who segue the positions,
balancing together formation,
in warm, gentle air.
Dancing in beaming, 
streaming sunlight,
they seem to pay respects
to Fibonacci. 
Without light 
our eyes would not 
behold such grace.
We wouldn’t know who 
dances around us,
playing in our hair….
What more passes me by
I wonder?……

Feet of lead


Feet of lead

Feet of Lead

I am longing for a time
when I actually practise what I preach…..
quiet spiritual sacred space
times when I truly withdraw.
From that place I shall heal myself
and through that, send out to others.
That time shall come;
my desire and passion will see that it does!
I call into the shapeless night
and out to the scattered stars
and back comes in sounds to me….
something which may translate –
“this is your path, clear is your way, dance it.”