Around ‘Encouragement’

The word ‘Encourage’ has always meant to me to imbue with curage/courage…. it’s apparently a word which goes back to the 15th century…. we need it today more than ever, I would say. It implies instilling life; that is precisely how I experience it. Here is a little offering:

Encouragement is Life.

Give me break when
I tell you how I am!
I don’t need your lambasting
or your controlling words……
You want me to change?
Then put away that stick
and offer the carrot to
help me see in the dark.
When you encourage me
with your laughter and bright
smile, I come alive and want to LIVE.
Encouragement IS Life…..
and surely you should know,
a plant would never grow
if the sun scowled upon it!



And suddenly I shot,
this ball of white light energy,
from a disintegrating, Big Bang world…….
In shock and panic I sped around
the black light Universe,
now illuminated by a burning planet
darting, Casperesque, looking for settling.
The shock has lodged in my exhausted body,
yet there is hope….. perhaps the Impact is
opening wide the doors to freedom, of another sort.
Let it be so…..