Red Moon Rising

Red Moon Rising

Dance in the flames of the night
Red Moon rising……
Dance till the old falls away
into the Blood Moon rust ……
Transmute the flames and rise,
rise till your Soul flies in the
face of this night and
howl, the Alchemist that you are,
till all energies are purified
in the crucible of capacious
and infinitely exquisite Love.

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Hiding till Grown

Sketching queitly,
soothes a heart
which is shaking
with exhaustion….
This inner child
is held by the
mother of all things….
and therein is her safety.

The winds howl and rage

against the wild, flailing branches

yet she is nestled
in the belly of the Mother tree

It was so hard to
trust when being
alive was so dangerous……
Here she hides
until she is grown up
and holding herself
against these ferocious winds.

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What shall I do with the rest of my little life?
It elludes me –
rattles me
frustrates the juices in my belly
and keeps me in the stench of struggle.
Am I STILL stuck in the birth canal?
Perhaps the creative seeds need a voice,
finally vibrating them out into the field of life.
Screaming is not very beautiful
but sometimes it is the only embodied voice available
when the fiscal appears more essential than the essence of soul.