Mercurial World, Wild Life!

Filthy sky scrolling
out from the west.
Light descending is if a
dirge leads its way home.
I look at my unlived self
as my ample, ageing arms
reach in to pull me,
inside out…..

Now, for once,
I swirl like a wave
of lightening rather
than wailing of the
banshee under the tree.
Nothing, in the manmade
world is worth the sacrificing,
of mine or any other
creative soul.

I shall rage till all this threat
to life is whipped by
tongues of flame,
moulded by fingers
of the Alchemist
and I am free to transmute
it into the Light, here now,
in the wild and beautiful
of this mercurial world.

Red Moon Rising

Red Moon Rising

Dance in the flames of the night
Red Moon rising……
Dance till the old falls away
into the Blood Moon rust ……
Transmute the flames and rise,
rise till your Soul flies in the
face of this night and
howl, the Alchemist that you are,
till all energies are purified
in the crucible of capacious
and infinitely exquisite Love.

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Then I shall know.

Yesterday I didn’t notice 
the ugliness of life. 
I danced and sang 
petite and pretty love songs…

Today I asked my heart,
“why are you crying?”
My face was smilingly gentle,
eyes longed to see only the beautiful & bright…

Tomorrow I will gaze at melismatic flights of birds overhead.
I shall hear the rustle of sweet Autumn’s changing leaves
and see with my wise heart, 
how my tears do flow, for being human.

Then I shall know 
how imperfection and perfection
are the same when the Alchemist
rises at dawn and points me to the chalice;
then, I shall know.