TGIF….. yes, thank God it’s Friday!
Here I go again pushing the days away,
casting them off, leaving them behind.
One day, all that we have ever had will
become but dust, dissolving into the
ethereal mists of powerfilled time.
What will I, this little me, have left behind
at the portal of a new world, the start of a
different day? Let it be enough to have dropped
every single bag I have hauled around in my arms…..
just let it be… let me do it now… a decluttered Life.

Ethereal Paramour

Ethereal Paramour



I searched in the undergrowth of
dark, mysterious woods to find you…..
I called you by name – ‘David’.
You were the ethereal being who
championed my cause and
showed me the way to freedom’s path….
I heard your voice in the wind at night
like a whistling of trees when the skies
are fit to burst over a high summer night.
The moon dripped wax upon the clouds
creating wispy spectres in the trees.
Shapesifting in the changing light,
the owls took forms of Puck & Oberon
whispering within the racket of the vibrant forest floor….
I longed for you David, my paramour in the unseen world….
I searched for you and the wheels still turn…
I know you are there….. I hear your voice….
Lover of the Forest Wild.