Love Always, Witholding Nothing.

It’s much easier if I just stay in bed. Force me out in the morning and I am like a sticky slug come in from the cold, to scof the cat food and leave slime on the floor… not a pretty sight. This is what Lockdown does….slugs break in and munch away inside your mind after eating the cat food first…. I mean to say, WHAT pray, do they think they are doing with our lives…..?

Don’t ask “who are ‘they’ ?” My lips, in this moment, are sealed ….

Experiments abound… give me land to grow my crops under greenhouse domes… let’s go back to carrier pigeon to message each other…. buy a cart and a horse…. so this means i need more land…. no houses for the poor unless inside mold clad walls of vile unbreathable stench…. oh yep and who do they put in these vile places? The black skinned brothers and sisters of this land. …….. not even stray dogs would have to live in those conditions….

I feel unable to do a breaking thing about it.. too old? Nope, but in truth, too worn down by the arrows that slice into the arms of me, my child, and grandchildren….. the poisonous words of the unwise…. the stupid people filled with hate and fueled by jealousy…. the money lenders who break the back of families in need….. break the back of all.

So, be done. Cast it aside as best you can. Get up in the morning and chant. Chant to overcome the torch bearer of the dark flame who eats away at your heart … you … I …. us. We have the flame of Life and Love…. put one foot in front of the other. Sleep when it’s time to sleep, sing when it’s time to sing and stand up for what truth, always.

Love is only cold in the heart, when we feed it with the junk in our mind…..

Love always, witholding nothing, but do not forget to Love your ‘self’ a whole lot too.

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