The Gift of Cancer.

I have spent my life building a ‘successful’ career as a Singing Teacher, yet at the age of 57 it crashed into a brick wall with the diagnosis of an autoimmune condition and at 58 my first cancer diagnosis. That was 7 years ago and I’m still on that journey, one which appears to have come as a gift in the form of a wonky gene. I find my world, which I am led to believe has helped many, has unravelled before my eyes, dissolving the notches of ego and leaving me more Spiritually naked then ever before. The bells and whistles have stopped ringing yet a simplicity, a sempatico, a sincerity is rising. Many times over the last 7 years I have heard these words in my head: “who am I without my work?” The answer is – “I am me” ….. now ready to listen more compassionately and with greater humility.

Cancer may well be what eventually takes my physical life, but it will never take my Spiritual life. Cancer does not have to be a ‘death’ sentence.

* Peace * Love * Compassion.*

4 thoughts on “The Gift of Cancer.

  1. Loved this, Fliss. Shows a deep insight into the nature of being – nothing is ever destroyed, only re-formed. You can’t destroy energy, and what are we but energy being held together in this particular form?

  2. Loved this Fliss. It shows a deep insight into the nature of being. Nothing is ever lost, nothing dies. You cannot destroy energy, and what are we but energy being held together in this specific form? When life has finished with this physical manifestation, that energy goes on to reappear in another form in that ‘field’ Rumi spoke of … Namaste!

  3. Absolutely that Mo. One day, personalised treatment will be to do with measuring the energy of a cancerous tumour and rather than using resonance to blast it, we will be using vibration dissolve it in some way. Sound is definitely a way forward in modern medicine…. probably not in my lifetime however! Thanks for your comment Mo!

  4. Now that IS a new approach. There is a school of thought that puts forward the idea that the universe began with sound. If sound is part of our origin, then maybe you’re right – it can be used to heal. It certainly soothes. Keep sharing your thoughts: I may not always respond, but I always read and enjoy.

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