The Thing We Call Christmas


I feel perhaps I should explain this Small Stone today….. I used to love the crazy busyness of Christmas when I was younger. Now, all I really want is music and dear friends….. the excesses just fill me with despair inside; I just want to live quietly, knowing I am enough and my little world is enough and that all on this planet know what it is to have and be enough.

The Thing We Call Christmas

I notice excess on every level
but mostly energetically….
thoughts crashing
like nuts in a grinder…..
I catch myself
breathless in the panic
as if invasion is occuring
as some old, inner animal of mine
wants another bite of me….
Wise one takes charge
and the primal ceases its screaming.
It’s to be out of the madness,
back into oneself ….
Why would any sane person want anything else?

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