“Washed By The Rivers Of Experience”.

So – it’s bizarre old weather we’re having here in England and I am noticing the increase in the levels of busyness, frustration, anger, struggle, sorrow and shame everywhere I look to in the world….. there is so little Peace and Love left in the hearts of people, in a collective sense. When met individually we are willing to step up, pitch in etc…. but the struggle the planet faces now is as never before….. I include myself in all of that….so – I long for healing for me, for you and all on this earth. The time is fast approaching and we need to be ready for the slippery slide into transformation.

“Washed By The Rivers Of Experience”

These cracks run deep.
Deep like a river fashioning stone
as it finds its own story in its flowing.
The rocks will never repair as
incessant tumbling and turning
changes its face forever.
So it is in me……
Life has squeezed and pummelled my body
until I hardly see myself in it anymore.
Yet know this – like the riverbed,
my Soul is washed by the rivers of experience,
forever onward and evolving.

FC 29th July 2014

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