Grand Cross

Grand Cross

Grand Cross
I have a small, shining stone
in my slightly off-centre pocket.
Like my pocket, it too is off-centre;
it wonders what the approaching
‘Grand Cross’ will bring.
I whisper into my little pocket….
“just wait and see. It may not
be as bad as we fear ~
we’re in it together but please, please
don’t leap out and start shouting
when I’m not looking, my little stone!”

Thanks to Jane Adams for the glorious artwork:

1 thought on “Grand Cross

  1. Thank you for the follow! The Grand Cross, in my feeling of it now, intersects our life’s horizontal and vertical planes – the moving centre is peace. T S Eliot wrote “But to apprehend the intersection, time with the timeless, is an occupation for the saint.” As in your poem, keep centered, the little stone!

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