Decadence of Days.

Decadence of days,
howling of the kennelled dog, 
now silent, 
sun overnight segued into drear sky, cold air…..
and my hair? 
Dreary too, 
yet my blue eyes settle upon 
brilliant blue Hyacinths in the garden,
blooming deliciously, like blue chocolate,
unrapped, ready to be mauled outrageously!

The Liebster Award

Thanks to Rosie Brown ( – for nominating me for the Liebster Award. It was very kind of you and I am excited about answering the questions.


How to accept the award

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 Rosie’s 10 Questions:

1. How long have you been blogging for? Looking back, it would appear to be  just six months! 

2. How have you found blogging so far? I love doing it but find it all rather confusing trying to work out how to use the facilities of the site…. I hope to learn! 

3. Why do you blog? Because I love writing. It’s one of few precious things in my life where I come back to myself.

4. Do you keep a diary? Not currently

5. do you have any pets? Yes: Widget and Mr Tumnus, cats. 

6. What animal would you want to be for the day? Hmmmmm… not the mouse that’s taken up residency in my cupboard under sink, but maybe an Eagle! 

7. What super-hero power would you want for the day? Wonder Woman, of course!

8. Is there a celebrity or someone in the public-eye that you admire? Why? Michael Gove. Because he has done exceptionally well being the Secretary for Education at a mere 9 years of age…. whoops, sorry! ….. I admire Stephen Fry. He is a courageous individual who lives with dark depression and maintains a dynamic career. A very interesting man.

9. Who inspires you each and every day? Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī; A true Guide. 

10. What is your favourite thing to do? Writing poetry.

My 10 Questions

1. What would be your choice of sound from the following: Radio; TV; Motorbike; The Dawn Chorus; Silence?

2. How frequently do you Blog?

3. City or Country Living?

4. If you had the power and position to change one Law in your country, what would that be and why?

5. If you could order a new lifestyle today, what would that how would that look?

6. If there were one thing in your life so far that you could change, what would it be and why?

7. Should you win or receive 3 million pounds or the equivillent in the currency of your homeland, what would you do to advance the well being of your fellow human beings?

 8. Why do you Blog?
9. If you were to invite someone in public life to dinner, who would it be and why?
10. With the world in the state  it is at present, which one International Crisis ( that you are aware of )  would you choose to help, if you were in the position to do so? Why?
Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

The Frisson of Health


The Frisson of Health

The Frisson of Health

This morning’s chill sits stark upon my feet.
Iced with purple blotches along my naked toes,
air shards embed to the bone and my skin
wants to peel off, like shavings from the
woodcarver’s lusty, voracious knife.
Yet, this IS my amazing life.

We stand here naked,
unprotected from the scrimmages of the world
with our bottoms bare for the beating.
Still, even so……
somewhere along this varigated journey,
precious souls cover our pain of nakedness
with petals from glorious flowers
of wild hedgerows, fields and hills.
These too embed themselves in us…..
as we find the longed for, frisson of Health.

Dedicated to my dear Sister of the Soul, Yaz McCallion

Being Present


Being Present

Being Present.

Morning sky of blueness
enhances bright pink cherry blossoms,
beyond the garden fence,
like a purple hazed duet hanging in the air.

Tumnus sits high on sunlit shed roof
watching wet, wintered ground
while delicate feathered creatures
sing their own “Spem in Alium”.

I sit writing in my room of lightness,
I breathe, I watch, I listen.
Domine Deus
Creator caeli et terrae.

Ref: “Spem in Alium” ( Hope in any other) – is a 40-part Renaissance motet by Thomas Tallis
Trans. third verse, lines three and four:
“Lord God,
Creator of Heaven and Earth”.

Photo: Pink cherry blossom by


when you think it can’t get worse, it does. 
You stop and look around
and see your life is a broken 
pile of bones around 
your cracked, tired feet 
and you cry. 

Then one day 
you realise all your little hopes 
and fragile dreams are but mosaics made from broken 
egg shells and you marvel 
at this creative 
order out of chaos.

But it still doesn’t give your health back into your own hands
or stop the pressures arising 
out of not earning the chinking coins which run through your fingers like salt……
Nor does it stop your 
child and grandchildren from complete collapse in the face of destitution and destruction. 
No. No it doesn’t…. 
And it is not ok, not anymore. 
The shell shock is too great
and the eggs have run out .

Hare Courting



Hare Courting

March comes in like a lamb,
yet the Hare will be segueing in the flutter
of a blue painted eyelash.
His pounding feet drum the ground
here in this sunniest of crisp cold days
as his lover comes over the hill
ears aflopping, eyes alluring….
“Come my love” she says….
“It’s time for Spring”.

Hare Sculpture in the grounds of Chippenham Park, Suffolk. With kind permisson of the Hare.