The Frisson of Health

The Frisson of Health

The Frisson of Health

This morning’s chill sits stark upon my feet.
Iced with purple blotches along my naked toes,
air shards embed to the bone and my skin
wants to peel off, like shavings from the
woodcarver’s lusty, voracious knife.
Yet, this IS my amazing life.

We stand here naked,
unprotected from the scrimmages of the world
with our bottoms bare for the beating.
Still, even so……
somewhere along this varigated journey,
precious souls cover our pain of nakedness
with petals from glorious flowers
of wild hedgerows, fields and hills.
These too embed themselves in us…..
as we find the longed for, frisson of Health.

Dedicated to my dear Sister of the Soul, Yaz McCallion

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