Loving the Mystery

Loving the Mystery

Loving the Mystery.

I can feel the dream in my heart for you,
you whom I Love so deeply.
The distance of time has spun
the thread which runs between we two.
I see it’s from the eternal ball of silk
which can never be destroyed
for I shall and have forever loved you.
As a seedling Loves the beams of the sun
which strengthen and feed it by its light,
so you feed me and burn within my heart.
You are my challenge, you lovely man
and I am the brush of the breeze
as you walk in soft rains,
the one who sits by your soul
in the breathing of the day
and causes you to play with
the frisson of delight at the
meeting of our deepest glances.
What an enigma you are to me,
oh dearest, funny man……
and yet I feel you,
I sound you in my cells and sinews
and I do oh so Love you;
this is true.

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