Awaken Now

Awaken Now

Awaken Now

The rushing gales
blast through my
hair and eyes like
some giant in the sky
taking a steel feather to
my frantic head.
My brain beats with fear
as a million intruders inside it
batter at the walls screaming
out bullying words to scare me more.

The chill of the wind has dropped
and there,
like a massive hole in the universe,
hangs the blackest sky so clear
absorbing our madness.
We have disturbed the balance ….
the great WE.
The WE who knows so much
and yet knows nothing.

Hold out your hands,
clasp each other, for we are one together
in this shrouded night….
The rattling winds and tragic storms
have serious colours in their voices now,
demanding we listen with our ears and eyes….
Awaken now whilst
the sun’s beams still rise at daybreak
and the ocean’s waves breathe in and out.

Mandala ‘Radience’ by Barry Stevens

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