WHAT THE HEART DESIRES ~ a stream of consciousness.

WHAT THE HEART DESIRES ~ a stream of consciousness.

What the Heart Desires – stream of consciousness.

Am I slave or barren witch
upon the tuffets of grass
out there in some secret, isolated nook?
Am I the crashing waves flinging myself
against the frozen, howling rock?
Do I gleam and glare as the curtain falls
with a crash and the audience flees?
No – I am the bronzed, scorching sun
who devours the stars of the night
with its fingertips whitehot.
For I long to be as they are, suspended weightlessly
longing to be plucked from the midnight blue of night
and tucked neatly and gently into a warm, soft paw palm……
I am the Siren who calls into the
shocking sounds of the turbulent sea
” Come home, come come ….. for I dance at your feet
and run away with your mind of dreams….”
I take my ground and I lengthen and widen into
world of the Creative and Creator…..
THIS is where I long to be.

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