How Could You Do It?

How Could You Do It?

How Could You Do It?!

How could you?
I mean really!….
what have I so cruelly done to you
for you to cause me such knife blade pain?
I flirted joyfully with you a
couple of years back
and even then,
when I thought all would be well…
doubled up was I, in the solar plexus.
Perhaps I should have taken your
pretty shiny coat off and chucked it away….
but no, I didn’t think of that, then.
This time
– however –
after reading about your sort,
I realised maybe that’s why you did it before…..
I left your coat on.
So….. today,
I took the blighter off, I did.
But you…. no sooner were you
inside my poor body…. you creased me with pain, AGAIN!
That’s the last time you seduce me
you Sharon Fruit…. you Persimmon YOU!
Never again shall I eat of YOUR fruits!!!!

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