I hardly had any desire for Christmas food or any food much over the holidays…. this photo is my story – for that reason I am not going on a weightloss diet ….. I am going on
“MY HEART’S DESIRE DIET” …. when I engage with the things I love to do or the people who inspire me and I love to be with, my body flows better and metabolises far more efficiently.

The diet industry is big business….. I have been in and out of it since I was 9 years old… suffered dreadfully as a child, adolescant and adult due to the stigma of being “over” weight. My health has suffered as a result….. NO – not as a result of carrying too much weight but as a result of repeatedly being shocked and traumatised at the lack of acceptance of me and who I am and what I carry. How do I know this? medical tests reveal normal blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate, breathing etc BUT a life in psychotherapy dealing with psychological trauma.

There is so much I could say, so much I want to say and so much that needs to be said….. perhaps here.

2 thoughts on ““MY HEART’S DESIRE DIET”

  1. My dear Flick: Would that I could pull myself out from under this gray, damp cloud of depression. I am meeting with my talk-therapist today and praying for the end of the month, when I meet with her associated psychiatrist. I am also experiencing a far-too-quick withdrawal of Klonopin and just not feeling well at all…my heart is also heavy and sad because of the filthy circumstances under which the only two grandchildren I will EVER have are being forced to live. Aries is 9 and should NOT know about depression, but yesterday I sadly realized she has lost her sparkle…

  2. Dear Dana, I am so sorry you are experiencing all this. It is terrible when you witness a child losing its sparkle but all is not lost you know…. anything can and does happen in situations such as these with families. As hard as it sounds, Aries’ journey is her journey and however much we want to bail our children and grandchildren out, to do so is always an enfringement of what the perhaps need to experience. I do hope your session with your psychotherapist has helped today. Sending gentle hugs. xxx

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