Unbounded Loving

Unbounded Loving

Unbounded Loving

My heart is full and on the edge of bursting….
Little souls and smiles cause aching in me
as words come cautiously from their lips….
“can I come live with you in England grandma….?”
A daughter cries out from her hospital bed
“I don’t want you to go home on Friday Mum.”
The landscape too calls out in Massachusetts.
It wraps me in layers of Appalacian mountains,
lake, trees and skies….
houses of timber nestled in magnificent flaming maples
down tracks way off the road…
I feel the Great Mother calling me ……
yet, back in the land of my birth an umbilicical
strand is left which can never be severed…..
My two feet are straddling two contintents, still
and I am learning to expand my heart out across the world…..
Such learning and Loving can have no boundaries.

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