Being Mother ~ Loving Daughter

Being Mother ~ Loving Daughter

Being Mother ~ Loving Daughter

My day yesterday was spent fighting sleep. In the car, on the phone, in meditation ~ it really was the most painful time….. do I have narcolepsy I wonder? I came to bed just after ten and yet….. here i am 2am tapping away… I could not sleep. Too much anxiety in my body, struggle in every cell…. but do i know the root cause? Nope…. it is elusive…. or is it? Would I feel better if i knew my daughter and family were ok? Yes I would…. yet I have no control over these things…. I cannot control what’s happening, to them. To step back and say “I can do nothing” feels shameful…. a mother would do anything….. a mother would take it all away – if she could.

Kim needs brain surgery for Chiari 1 Malformation: please go to this link for more information:

5 thoughts on “Being Mother ~ Loving Daughter

  1. Sounds like one of my days.. Meditation, lack of sleep and lots of tapping. Not to mention pain and anxiety. I’m not sure if it helps any but your not alone and your in my thoughts. I hope tonight is a better one for you.

      • Thank you for your positive thoughts as well. It feels better just knowing that somewhere out in the world someone is thinking about you. Just as you worry about your kids, family. You know others care about you. Sleep well tonight.

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