Insatiable Sleep

This offering today is linked to FMS (Fibromyalgia Syndrome) which I have….. It’s a chronic condition with many symptoms including widespread, constant pain and deep exhaustion.


Insatiable Sleep

Another phase has hit me….
this rapacious, inescapable sleepiness.
My eyes are heavy, cannot focus,
unable to keep them open, again.
It’s been about three days or so
where life is filtered through 
veiled eyes and echoey ears…..
My writing comes in word-bursts
as mind slides in and out of 
landscapes of colour, emotions 
and rantings of my inner critic.
There is a pain involved here in this 
silent world of insatiable sleep,
this dragging up out of the 
space where cocooning the self
is the only option……
Like dogs (I imagine) 
licking my face, creating dumb shock
in me and unable to get them off….

Such a ghastly thought…..
hello… so glad you dropped by..
Sleeping now. 

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