Learning to Live

It’s not that the ticking of the clock, that beats down the door to my ears, just to be heard by me. It’s that this steady, warm, heart beat in the room only sounds like it does, calm and round and steady, when all is still at night and only my breath moves the air. The electrical storm in my head becomes audible as I listen with awareness, as computer, lights, appliances all vibrate to form the soundweave of 21stC existence;
Once upon a time I could sit beside my father and hear the woodworm eating a chair. I could lie in the clover patch and hear the Plovers overhead telling me where to find the four leaf specimens….. now there is little of that in our external world….
I find the four leaf clovers in me. I hear the mastication of ideas in my mind and I resolve to live and go on living, before it’s all too late.

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