Myopic Monday

Myopic Monday

Myopic Monday

Rolled up like a soft kitten in a ball – that’s how I’ve been for days now. Can’t face all the ‘stuff’ living brings. Sympathy not needed but a screaming, wrestling, bodacious partner to stand with me in field to fling arms and voices at the moon- oh yes! Don’t call… just turn up at my door … I will smile, we will giggle….Bring it on….

Don’t you think EVERYTHING takes so long these days?…. If I were working, would I REALLY have time to spend 40 mins talking to my phone company re a problem THEY caused? Not to mention the 20 mins I had to be “in the queue”!

Look – I don’t do figures, in fact anything which involves memory, numbers, following instructions – yep, it’s all rapidly shuttling off into the wings of my mind…. “get a grasp” I say…. “get a grasp”….. They say “why haven’t you”….. Is it that difficult to see why?…. I chew out my anger scrunched jaw and flash my eyes, as if they were black…..

You see… I speak not only for me but for the injustices of the world…. Don’t we ALL just want a simple life…. ? Don’t tell me to shape up, grow up and face reality…. what IS reality? Who has created this virtual world anyway…?

My get up and go left a few years ago…. I don’t appear to be able to find it ….
or even a different route…..

Oh excruciating myopia….. thou dost lead me to brick walls…. my body aches trying to break them down……

Writing – you are my warm silky hot chocolate which I dive into… no calories… how blessed am I!

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