First written in 2011 a month before Cancer surgery: September 10, 2011 at 1:08am

Crooked Smile

“Stilling my heart I reach my hand to touch the stealthy sky.

Swift bird’s flight steals you from seductive clouds

and carries you out into the humming, sighing universe.

It clangs, that pulsating blood of mine

your breath the fuelling fire –

your smile crooked, clowning, shaking my soul

from it’s cosy nest…..

I thought I was a Linnet till the cloud cracked

& I saw my face in raindrops, glistening like

crystals in lights of full moon sky…..

I realised then with fragile, inner voice

that I was human, just being,

longing to be a bird free on the wing.

And you, my shoulder to weep soft tears upon

when my wound up wings

were wrapped to my aching sides. “

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