We Are The Music


We are the Music

A panic came to me tonight –
I realised, like a spiralled, stinging shock,
I will never hear all the music in this world….
Such richly tapestried clusters of sounds
in our ardent souls.
Perhaps we are the marvellous music
and it

Chronic Contemplation

Chronic Contemplation

Swimming to the surface of turbulent aching

from depths of living, such bottomless sleeping.

Blue black night fades into lightness. 

Dawn seeps in through golden window shades

forming shards of colour on magnolia walls

like a sky hung arc, singing with vibration.

Bed lies empty now, still warm 

yet holds no ease for a pain wracked one

when movement beckons the chi to rise,

the healing, holding wings of wisdom 

to take charge, and live. 

Cold, moist floor slams against cracked, dry soles, 

soles scrunch up as if pulling heavily away 

to escape cruel punitiveness

and voice in head demands warm bed,

motion free.

Retreating from pain and Life 

are not kindly options.

Shards on the wall move;

 colours change. 


First written in 2011 a month before Cancer surgery: September 10, 2011 at 1:08am

Crooked Smile

“Stilling my heart I reach my hand to touch the stealthy sky.

Swift bird’s flight steals you from seductive clouds

and carries you out into the humming, sighing universe.

It clangs, that pulsating blood of mine

your breath the fuelling fire –

your smile crooked, clowning, shaking my soul

from it’s cosy nest…..

I thought I was a Linnet till the cloud cracked

& I saw my face in raindrops, glistening like

crystals in lights of full moon sky…..

I realised then with fragile, inner voice

that I was human, just being,

longing to be a bird free on the wing.

And you, my shoulder to weep soft tears upon

when my wound up wings

were wrapped to my aching sides. “

Myopic Monday


Myopic Monday

Myopic Monday

Rolled up like a soft kitten in a ball – that’s how I’ve been for days now. Can’t face all the ‘stuff’ living brings. Sympathy not needed but a screaming, wrestling, bodacious partner to stand with me in field to fling arms and voices at the moon- oh yes! Don’t call… just turn up at my door … I will smile, we will giggle….Bring it on….

Don’t you think EVERYTHING takes so long these days?…. If I were working, would I REALLY have time to spend 40 mins talking to my phone company re a problem THEY caused? Not to mention the 20 mins I had to be “in the queue”!

Look – I don’t do figures, in fact anything which involves memory, numbers, following instructions – yep, it’s all rapidly shuttling off into the wings of my mind…. “get a grasp” I say…. “get a grasp”….. They say “why haven’t you”….. Is it that difficult to see why?…. I chew out my anger scrunched jaw and flash my eyes, as if they were black…..

You see… I speak not only for me but for the injustices of the world…. Don’t we ALL just want a simple life…. ? Don’t tell me to shape up, grow up and face reality…. what IS reality? Who has created this virtual world anyway…?

My get up and go left a few years ago…. I don’t appear to be able to find it ….
or even a different route…..

Oh excruciating myopia….. thou dost lead me to brick walls…. my body aches trying to break them down……

Writing – you are my warm silky hot chocolate which I dive into… no calories… how blessed am I!




Here it is,
softened by elements so warm,
autumnal winds raise skirts and flags
as the equinox opens wide the door
inviting itself in.
King cups incubating underground
await the winter chills to come and pass
before their faces break to the light again.
Yet for now, it’s Mabon’s time.
Tread softly into completion,
as the natural world calls for gentleness
while all around rages, freezes then thaws….
before Ostara comes our way once more.
Your wheel is whatever you make it….
within your perfect equilibrium.